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OOP Concepts for Beginners: What Is Polymorphism By Thorben Janssen The word polymorphism is used in various contexts and describes situations in which something occurs in several different forms. In computer science, it describes the concept that objects of different types can be accessed through the same interface. Each type can provide its own, independent implementation of this interface. It is one of the core concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP). If you're wondering if an object is polymorphic, you can perform a simple test. If the object successfully passes multiple is-a or instanceof tests, it's polymorphic. As I've described in my post about inheritance, all Java classes extend the class Object. Due to this, all objects in Java are polymorphic because they pass at least two instanceof checks. Different types of polymorphism Java supports two types of... (more)

How to Manage, Deliver and Govern Hybrid Cloud Services | @CloudExpo #SaaS #ITaaS #Cloud

Many enterprise and government IT organizations are realizing the benefits of cloud computing by extending IT delivery and management processes across private and public cloud services. But they are often challenged with balancing the need for centralized cloud governance without stifling user-driven innovation. This strategy requires an approach that fundamentally reshapes how IT is delivered today, shifting the focus from infrastructure to services aggregation, and mixing and matching the best services for meeting organizations’ current and future needs. For enterprises, the IT as a Service (ITaaS) model is a means for IT organizations to unify cloud services delivery and management so they can speed innovation, collaborate on a global scale, reduce operational costs, and grow the bottom line - while ensuring consistent cloud governance. Last week we discussed ho... (more)

How the Internet of Things Will Impact Energy Efficiency | @ThingsExpo #IoT

Smart technologies are bursting into the retail space with solutions speaking to brands on improved marketing efforts, customer engagement, and optimization of floor plans. But one question has risen out of the chatter: How can the Internet of Things (IoT) improve energy efficiency? Not simply for retailers, but for commercial environments and homes (smart or not) as well? According to an article in govtech, energy efficiency relies heavily on identifying peak time of energy usage. An example being, air conditioning is more likely to be used on an extremely hot afternoon over the middle of the night when the temperature drops. Although we try to stay on top of it, the fact is that we can't always be available to adjust when it comes to managing our energy consumption. This is where the IoT can be extremely valuable as a manager (or team of managers), as the techno... (more)

Microsoft is Having Trouble Moving to Cloud Computing: Google CEO

According to a Dow Jones Newswire report, Google CEO Eric Schmidt is bullish about perhaps using M&A to grow Google's cloud computing business - in contrast Schmidt noted that Microsoft was in his view "having trouble moving to cloud computing." According to the report, Schmidt (pictured) expects the move globally from the personal computer era to the age of cloud computing to take the next 10-15 years. Google recently acquired On2 Technologies, and of course famously has in the past bought up giants like DoubleClick and YouTube. It has even been speculated that Eric Schmidt may have coined the term "cloud computing" though opinions differ. ... (more)

What's Your Innovation

There’s a reasonably famous book in technology circles called “The Innovator’s Dilemma.” It basically says there are two types of innovations: those that appeal to existing markets by improving products, and those that appeal to new markets by offering new capabilities. I don’t think it’s particularly hard to be innovative. All one has to do is walk down the street and identify any single thing that is causing some form of discomfort or irritation or challenge. Then just think of a way to do it better. It really is that easy. And it’s a fun exercise. Keep in mind we don’t always realize we are discomforted by something until we are shown a better way of doing it. For example, before mobile phones, people didn’t realize that using a pay phone was inconvenient. There were many times when I needed a pay phone and was very happy to have found one. But today, few would e... (more)

Effectively Manage Embedded Solutions Remotely

To get through a long day at the office you grab a snack from the vending machine, which never seems to be out of your favorite item thanks to a network connection that sends inventory information and replenishment requests to the vending management company. After work, you call home and ask what to pick up for dinner, making the call using a Bluetooth connection between your cell phone and the communications system in your car. On the way home you stop at the grocery store to grab dinner and rent a DVD from a rental machine. Transactions like these occur every day by people around the world thanks to embedded systems that run inside vending machines, gas pumps, kiosks, price checkers, retail point-of-sale stations and other devices within the retail, hospitality and financial sectors of the market. Embedded Systems can also be found in many household items includi... (more)

The Role of Open Source in Cloud Computing Innovation

Open source software stacks offer a huge amount of customization so the cloud being built does what is expected - and without huge licensing fees. A recent article on GigaOm.com asks, "How can open-source cloud management tools like Eucalyptus, CloudStack and OpenStack impact the adoption of cloud technology?" Lowering the barrier to entry Most organizations adopt cloud to optimize their IT investment, to improve existing services or to support new business and service models, according to the article. In this scenario, open-source lowers the barriers for new organizations to build their private cloud. Facilitating custom clouds Many organizations appreciate that open source allows great customization to meet individual requirements. They can build a differentiated cloud service to meet customers needs. Open-source clouds beget more clouds Open source also encoura... (more)

Give Cisco 60 Minutes and It Will Give You The Next-Generation IT World!

Give Cisco 60 minutes - well, 52 minutes, in fact - and watch the networking giant unveil a game-changing technology to help you capture new business opportunities by creating innovative experiences with greater IT simplicity and investment protection. That is the value proposition of the video webinar that you can see this morning, this afternoon, this evening or indeed whenever is most convenient for you. It is free and it is only one click away. Click Here to View This On-Demand Seminar Now! What will you see, in the 52 minutes? First of all you will see, close up and personal, the next-generation technology architecture that was unveiled by Cisco at Cisco Live Orlando: the Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE) Enterprise Networks Architecture. You will then hear from real-world Cisco customers discussing how they use innovative networking technologies to solve real... (more)

4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo Starts Today

A round-up of the wide range of important issues and timely topics due to be discussed by over 130 industry experts at SYS-CON's 4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, opening today at the Santa Clara Convention Center, in Santa Clara, CA. The event runs from November 2-4, 2009. Building Scalable and Extensible RIAs in the Cloud - Ranjith Ramakrishnan, Co-Founder & CTO of Cumulux, will be co-presenting a session in which delegates will learn how to build scalable and extensible RIAs on the Windows Azure Cloud. The session will cover enabling rich and complete User Experience customizations and addressing multi-tenant requirements. Cloud Security - is the focus of a whole welter of sessions in Santa Clara. "It's Nothing New; It Changes Everything!" is the title of the session being given by Sun's Chief Security Architect Glenn Brunette, for example. Brunett... (more)

National Center for Genome Resources Chooses Kognitio WX2

Kognitio has announced that the National Center for Genome Resources (NCGR) has deployed Kognitio's WX2 purpose-built database to handle the analytical processing of multiple terabytes of research data in order to improve human health and crop improvement through genome sequencing and analysis. NCGR researchers who chose WX2 said they were impressed by Kognitio's recognition of and focus on the growing importance of bioinformatics, and the company's desire to play a leading role in enabling the next generation of genomic investigation. The NCGR team has already discovered the advantages that WX2 offers; researchers say they are able to quickly load subject databases within minutes, as opposed to hours. Queries performed against the WX2 database return in one-eighth of the time when compared to other platforms. "Technology has progressed to the point where the researc... (more)

Rising of Open ERP and Its Founder Fabien Pinckaers

ERP Journal on Ulitzer Fabien Pinckaers make programs for businesses since the age of 13. Now at the age of 30, he developed his company, Tiny Sprl. It was established in 2002 while pursuing his studies in civil engineering at UCL (Louvain-la-Neuve). The story is beautiful and has only just begun. The history of this company is making on the cover page of the magazine "Trends Tendances" titled as "New Bill Gates is Belgian", dated Thursday 16 June 09.  Fabien Pinckaers has also developed several large scale projects, such as Auction- in-Europe.com, which become the leader in the art market in Belgium. He is also the founder of the LUG (Linux User Group) of Louvain-la- Neuve, and of several free projects like OpenReport, OpenStuff and Tiny Report. Educated as a civil engineer (polytechnic), he has won several IT prizes in Europe such as Wired and l'Inscene. A fierce ... (more)