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A round-up of the wide range of important issues and timely topics due to be discussed by over 130 industry experts at SYS-CON's 4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, opening today at the Santa Clara Convention Center, in Santa Clara, CA. The event runs from November 2-4, 2009. Building Scalable and Extensible RIAs in the Cloud - Ranjith Ramakrishnan, Co-Founder & CTO of Cumulux, will be co-presenting a session in which delegates will learn how to build scalable and extensible RIAs on the Windows Azure Cloud. The session will cover enabling rich and complete User Experience customizations and addressing multi-tenant requirements. Cloud Security - is the focus of a whole welter of sessions in Santa Clara. "It's Nothing New; It Changes Everything!" is the title of the session being given by Sun's Chief Security Architect Glenn Brunette, for example. Brunett... (more)

Google: Forming the Future

It is well-know that Google is a powerful company that deals not only with search. Today the company is a world leader in the development of gadgets, internet services and other development. Also Google has a secret Google X team which works on development of the most non-standart projects, and among which there are airships that distribute wireless Internet and the development of next-generation drugs, but this is just the thing we are aware of. So, let summarize the ideas that the Internet giant wants to bring to life . Google Glass Probably, only a very lazy person hasn't spoken about this project of Google. The idea is the following: you may forget about smartphones and computers only thanks to putting these glasses as all the necessary info will be available on the glass screen. Google Glass makes a revolutionary augmented reality technology available to a wid... (more)

Social Innovation Clouds – Harnessing Cloud for Public Sector Innovation

Cloud Computing is such a compelling area for government investment because it offers multiple dimensions of business benefit, one of these being the ability to play an accelerating role in economic stimulation, critically important in our current climate. The technology can reduce the operational costs of IT but it can also provide for new ways of working, making available new SaaS applications that can directly enable exciting new growth programs, like Cisco's idea of 'Next Generation Clusters' aka 'Innovation Clouds'. Cloud Innovation Hubs Cost savings and new ways of working are each equally powerful business benefits in their own right, but it's their combination that generates a powerful compounding effect known as ''Multi-Factor Productivity' (MFP)'. It's this MFP variable that Cisco stress in a new white paper intended to identify Government best practices f... (more)

Twitter Buys Ubalo

Twitter has bought a little four-man Palo Alto start-up called Ubalo that was started in early 2011 "to make large-scale computing easier and more accessible to a technical audience" according to its web site. The object was to scale coding on multiple machines using the same widgetry used for a single machine with no more overhead. Its early technology could apparently "fetch 5,000 tweets and cluster them based on the topic of discussion in 21.2 seconds. On a single computer this task takes more than 10 minutes." It said, "Scaling Twitter search and natural language processing tasks is easy with Ubalo." It then moved on to R clusters and analyzed "sentiments corresponding to the latest Twitter trends, processing 25,000 tweets in parallel in 19.6 seconds." It said, "Scaling our application in R is easy with Ubalo's simple messaging framework." Ubalo, which means cou... (more)

How the Cloud and VoIP Have Changed How People Work

Telecommuting at one time meant little more than working from one's kitchen table, saving files onto a floppy disk, and possibly sending them into the office via dial-up modem. There was no videoconference, no softphones to move your office extension to wherever you were sitting at the moment, and no Google Hangouts, Chatters, or virtual meetings with colleagues. Under such circumstances, telecommuting was relegated to second-tier employees that were cut out of the water-cooler loop. Because that early telecommuting lacked any semblance of true collaboration, and also because there was no oversight mechanisms built in, companies were reluctant to embrace it in any meaningful way. Since Yahoo!'s Marissa Mayer made her pronouncement against telecommuting, issues of telepresence, telecommuting and teleworking have been in the news. Mayer is not alone in assuming that ... (more)

IIoT Top News: Manufacturing Today and Tomorrow | @ThingsExpo #IoT #BigData

The age of manufacturing is moving past the dusty, oversized, broken-down warehouse located on the edge of town and into industrial 4.0. This new technological revolution is changing the way manufacturing operates within the digital sphere. Nowadays, manufacturers can track production status, machine functionality and operational flow with sensors, automation and wireless IIoT solutions. That’s why this week’s top news is dedicated to manufacturing of today and tomorrow, realizing this industry is evolving with the digital revolution. This is an exciting time for manufacturing, with more innovation integration happening across the board than in the last twenty years. As the IIoT starts to take center stage in many shop floors, new digital upgrades will require a new plan of action to deploy wireless pilot projects for automation and control. Now with the rise of s... (more)

Testing Virtualization: What’s Really Going on in There?

It's no secret what's driving the move to virtualization in data centers. The demand for new and expanded software systems is growing, but the geographic and carbon footprint required for scaling underutilized dedicated servers is too costly on many levels. This issue has led to the maturation of the virtual server, where increased reliability and stability means reduced risk, making virtualization of the data center a viable solution. Virtualization makes it possible to replace physical servers running at 10 percent capacity with fewer, more powerful servers running at 60 percent capacity or more. Figure 1: A-Network cloud connected to four servers running one process each. B-Network cloud connected to two servers each running many processes. Legacy virtualization platforms support up to four or eight virtual machine (VM) instances per physical server. New virtuali... (more)

Injecting Intelligence into PDFs with XMP (Part 1)

What is Metadata and Why Use it? Metadata is descriptive information about data. It can be embedded into a PDF file (as XML) to help identify its contents or characteristics during its travels. Examples of metadata include: author names, document title, subject description, source type, etc. Metadata can help manage change. When businesses integrate metadata into their work flows, they can better track their document life cycles and stay ahead of document changes more effectively. However, as businesses grow and integrate metadata, they often introduce: Large amounts of unstructured metadata. For example, documents that are appended or merged with others acquire additional metadata along the way. Different frameworks to address the problem of unstructured metadata. However, such frameworks hamper the efficiency of dissimilar systems to interchange or process informa... (more)

Salesforce.com & Wave - Customer Service on Crack

Cloud Computing on Ulitzer Cloud computing is offering advanced ways for businesses to apply the most cutting edge technologies to support their key business processes - rapidly and affordably. Now there is another interesting example as the video below shows. Google's Wave is a new and interesting seminal Cloud technology. Wave was invented by brothers Jens Rasmussen and Lars Rasmussen at Google that builds on the concepts of AJAX combined with fresh look at Operation Transformation.  The solution is so ground breaking the ways in which this technology may transform web based communication is unclear.  It will be up to the community of developers working within and without the enterprise to realize the evident potential of Wave. From a technical perspective, Wave has the ability to interact with other cloud platforms, like the Force.com platform. Watch the video ... (more)

Amazon Kindle Turns Software Platform Ahead of Apple Launch

Innovations Software Technology on Ulitzer Amazon Thursday turned its Kindle e-reader into a software development platform. It means to release a limited beta Kindle Development Kit next month complete with sample code, APIs, tools, and documentation so ISVs can build so-called "active content" for the dingus. Which means it could turn more than just an e-book. More like maybe Apple's unannounced, presumably competitive and reportedly multi-function "iSlate," supposedly due to be unveiled Wednesday at a much higher price point than Kindle. The SDK will include a Kindle Simulator to simulate the six-inch Kindle and 9.7-inch Kindle DX on Mac, Windows and Linux desktops. Exactly how limited the beta will be is unclear but Amazon is telling developers to sign up at http://www.amazon.com/kdk/ so they're notified when the widgetry's out. For the past two years, Amazon h... (more)

Science Discovery: The Next Computing Landscape

Cloud Computing on Ulitzer Computational science is the field of study concerned with constructing mathematical models and numerical techniques that represent scientific, social scientific or engineering problems and employing these models on computers, or clusters of computers, to analyze, explore or solve these models. Numerical simulation enables the study of complex phenomena that would be too expensive or dangerous to study by direct experimentation. The quest for ever higher levels of detail and realism in such simulations requires enormous computational capacity, and has provided the impetus for breakthroughs in computer algorithms and architectures. Due to these advances, computational scientists and engineers can now solve large-scale problems that were once thought intractable by creating the related models and simulate them via high-performance compute ... (more)